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Thornhill carries out integrity testing of plate heat exchangers as well as tubular and has brought the new generation testing method, Gas Detection System (GDS) into Australia. The Gas Detection System is an in situ test method that allows for the heat exchanger, plate or tube, to be tested while still in one piece on your factory floor. This system avoids some of the inherent problems associated with previous test methods.

One side of the heat exchanger pack is pressurized using circulating gas and the other side has air circulating through it, which is sampled by a special sensor for any increase in gas concentration. An increase of course indicates a passage of gas through a fault in the plates.


The Gas test has the following advantages:

As the test uses an inert gas it is non-invasive having no effect on gaskets etc. It is totally safe from a food safety aspect leaving no residue. Its accuracy is the best of all the testing methods, as being an inert gas test it doesn’t have the disadvantage of charged ions, which can have difficulty passing through small holes. As the test is carried out in a dynamic way with the gas flowing between the plates, residue liquid is not an issue.


Gas testing is the fastest growing test method in Europe, Australia and the USA and can be used in all industry sectors, from food to chemical because of its inherent accuracy and safety.

Gas testing is:


Thornhill technicians are also fully trained to perform a simple and efficient method of measuring short time pasteurisation holding period, in accordance with Australian Standards. Equipment for the pasteurization of milk and other liquid dairy products.

Thornhill Gaskets use state of the art holding tube testing equipment for your heat exchanger needs.


Thornhill can perform a hydrostatic test up to 30 bar.


At Thornhill, we understand the requirements and the importance of accountable testing procedures. Every test performed by Thornhill is carefully monitored with the results packaged to suit your auditing requirements.

All Thornhill instrumentation and equipment is calibrated in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.